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Home Insurance

When you think about your home, which words come to mind? Security, comfort and protection, to name a few. Why should your insurance feel any different?

Your home is probably your most valuable investment. You need an insurance policy that helps you feel secure and protected in the unfortunate event of unexpected losses to your home and personal property.

A.C. Pepe Insurance can help you choose the homeowner’s policy that is suitable for your needs. Whether you are insuring a home, a condominium, or a rental, we will match your insurance needs to determine the correct coverage from our line of insurance carriers.

Policy Types:

  • One to Two Family Dwelling
  • Three to Four Family Occupied
  • Condominium
  • Rental
  • Landlord Policy

Policy Discounts:

  • Multi Policy Discount
  • Protective Device Discount (alarms, smoke detectors, etc.)
  • Green Home Discount
  • Newer Homes
  • Claims Free Discount

Policy Enhancements:

  • Elite Packages
  • Siding and/or Roof Restoration
  • Increased Limits of Jewelry, Furs, and Watches
  • Identity Theft Coverage
  • Water Backup of Sewers & Drains

Umbrella Insurance:

Umbrella insurance is extra coverage in a situation where your homeowner and auto liability limits have been exhausted. This can happen when you are sued and the court rules against you. Your homeowners and auto policy may not cover the entire liability. Umbrella insurance covers the gap between your auto and home limit and the court ruling up the policy limit. It’s extra protection and it’s very affordable.

Umbrella insurance provides coverage for:

  • Injuries
  • Damage to Property
  • Lawsuits
  • Libel, Slander or Defamation of Character
  • Invasion of Privacy

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